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Teen Model Australia

Rhiannon Walters has been a dedicated HUXNBOSS model since the start of our brand. She has come a long way and we have seen amazing growth along her journey. Last year, she landed on the front cover of Teen Model Australia Magazine and was also selected as Ambassador of the year for 2021! Congratulations Rhiannon!

The Runway

The runway is the perfect way to build confidence as young as three years old! It's also a great way for young models to show their personality. Our models are known for the best runway walks here in Australia and overseas. We love creating shows for our models to feature their skills they have learnt from bootcamp!


Young Xavier from Adelaide has gained so much confidence through our courses and loves every minute of them! As a model, the most important thing is to keep your portfolio up to date with pictures that portray your current look. Book in with one of our trusted photographers anywhere in Australia!

Industry Night For Parents

We are so excited to announce 2023 industry nights for parents! This will be a night where we can come together and share knowledge of everything the younger models have learnt and how you can assist them to achieve their model dreams & goals.

Let us take you to the next level

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The complete package!!!!
Every aspect of this business is on point!!
The clothes, the bootcamps, the friendliness, the opportunities that come with being a part of the HUXNBOSS family. Thank you for being a great role model Jasmine to our impressionable young ones.
Huxnboss for the WIN!!!!

Tammy Swain

This company is exceptional. My daughter attended their modelling bootcamp and loved everything about the day. She learnt many important skills and was well cared for and made to feel valued and respected. Thank you so much.

Jody Rothmore

“HUXNBOSS”... You are amazing and an inspiration to aspiring models. From your supporting role, to helping young models to be self aware, staying focused, your amazing boot camps, your awesome Streetwear clothing brand. HUNXBOSS takes the time to get to know you and go out of there way to build your confidence and help you excel. Thank you so much HUXNBOSS Team. Your all amazing.

George Tzikas

Absolutely love Jazmine and Huxnboss! After my son won a model bootcamp experience on the Sunshine Coast, we have had such great opportunities come his way. We look forward to some amazing opportunities for my other son now too. Jazmine is so patient with my never-ending questions and shows such support in so many ways.

Nicky Bromley

Both my kids went to the bootcamp and gain so much knowledge!! The staff was helpful and knows the business inside / out . We highly recommended this bootcamp

Michelle McDonald

The Huxnboss model bootcamp is run by professionals who are in the industry and really do care about the kids and teens they nurture and train. The day is full of fun and meeting new friends as well as intensive catwalk training and posing skills. The day covers all aspects of modelling for kids and teens including, grooming, safety, antibullying and all the skills you will need to be a professional in the industry. Once you've done a bootcamp you are part of the family and Huxnboss team provides ongoing support and encouragement.

Donna Delancel